Alex Lau

Director, Phnom Penh City Center (Cambodia)

Alex Lau is a young 26-year-old Director of Phnom Penh City Center. He returned to Cambodia from the UK after graduation from the University of Warwick in 2015. He is a Bachelor of Economics, Politics and International Studies.

Alex Lau has helped to shape the direction of the company tasked with building the new Phnom Penh City Center with the 111-hecatre of land in the middle of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The new center is to create an impact change to the lifestyles of Cambodians. There will be careful urban planning in placed, as the new CBD is being built.

Phnom Penh City Center is building a new town and it is a master planner, developing more than just real estates in Cambodia.

Alex Lau is also responsible for planning, organizing and developing market development plans and strategies for PHNOM PENH CITY CENTER.
The company also delivers well-designed, high-quality residential and mix developments by infusing functionality, sustainability and synergy that appeals to investors, buyers, tenants and shoppers. Identifies best land use with sufficient flexibility to cater for evolving business needs and maximizing long-term asset value.
As a new company, it is noteworthy to share that Phnom Penh City has won three Cambodia Property Awards 2017 for Best Residential Architectural Design for RESIDENCE90, Best Retail Architectural Design for THE EDGE and its new office THE VANGUARD was named the Best Office Development recently. In May 2017, Phnom Penh City Center won best Mixed-use Architecture (Cambodia) and Mixed-use Development (Cambodia) in the Asia-Pacific Property Awards 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.