Angelo Tan

Green Building Country Lead International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group

Angelo Tan is the Green Building Country Lead for the Philippines of the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group. In this role, he forges partnerships with real estate developers, investors, building professionals, certification providers, academia, and public policy makers across the Philippines, towards advancing the adoption of EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) –– an integrated online platform, green building standard, and certification system designed to make green buildings much more accessible, affordable, and inclusive for emerging markets and developing economies.

From a broader perspective, Angelo manages IFC’s green buildings program in the Philippines, creating and executing a countrywide strategic growth plan and serving as the face of the program in engaging with the community to democratize green buildings. The mission is to catalyse a virtuous cycle of supply and demand for resource-efficient buildings by setting a metrics-driven definition of what constitutes a green building, rewarding property developers for building green, increasing regulatory pull, and promoting direct investment.

Angelo has a decade of real estate experience in mixed-use development management, commercial real estate transactions, and architecture business development. He finished his Master of Sustainable Built Environment degree at UNSW Sydney and is accredited with various green building rating systems. Angelo is passionate about the nexus of sustainability and business value as manifested in how real estate firms develop and innovate amidst the time of climate change. He also believes that the ongoing discourse on sustainable design can be steered towards increasing opportunities for developing countries to participate.