Archawat Chareonsilp

Chief Strategy Officer, HUBBA Thailand

Archawat ‘Ohm’ Chareonsilp, a veteran corporate executive, turned angel investor and subsequently Southeast Asia’s startup and innovation ecosystem builder.

Ohm started his career in Washington DC at the turn of the century. From the world most powerful government on Capitol Hill to the world most admired brand Coca-Cola, Ohm is an economist by training. He led corporate teams of regional public affairs professional to implement successful advocacy and brand programs across Southeast Asia.

Fascinated by the pace and impact of technologies, Ohm left Coca-Cola and joined HUBBA, Thailand-based ecosystem builder, as its first Chief Strategy Officer and Corporate Innovation Director. At HUBBA, Ohm helps large corporations to make sense of the fast changing world, effectively innovate to remain relevant, and grow. He aspires to build a thriving innovation ecosystem that is accessible for EVERYONE.

Ohm has lived and worked in Washington DC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangkok.