Bhuthong Thongyai

Director of Entrepreneur Development, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce

Bhuthong Thongyai is the Director of Entrepreneur Development at the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. He oversees promotional and development programs at the executive and managerial levels including business matching and consultancy services for businesses in Thailand. His recent activities include courses on innovative business modeling and on-the-job training for small and medium enterprises, as well as networking and improving the functioning of trade associations in Thailand.

Mr. Thongyai was previously the Thai Trade Commissioner to Australia where he served for over five years with trade responsibilities covering the Oceania and Pacific region. He also served at the Department of Trade Negotiations engaging in various bilateral and multilateral trade agreements between Thailand and its trading partners.

Mr. Thongyai received a B.A. in Economics from the Australian National University in 1988and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University in 1994.