Chef Dan Bark

Michellin Star Chef, Cadence

Cutting his teeth in Chicago, Chef Dan Bark dedicated 15 years to his craft working in the 2-Michelin Star restaurant Avenues and as sous chef for the famed 3-Michelin Star, Grace. In 2015, on a gamble moved to Thailand to open his dream restaurant Upstairs 

Establishing his reputation in the culinary scene in Bangkok, Upstairs earned a 1-Michelin Star award during its inaugural season and maintained its star every year since. Chef Dan has redefined the traditional cooking style to create an exciting new menu for guests from all around the world. 

With his dedicated passion and steadfast philosophy toward his career he is moving forward with his team to create Cadence. Chef Dan emphasises the depth of flavor that is truly nature and combines it with different textures. 

Chef Dan explores the depth and complexities of the natural flavours of ingredients and combines them with artfully crafted dishes. His unique and personal style reflected from his international experiences defined Cadence and his cuisine as Progressive American.