Coco Liu

Chief Regional Officer, Asia Pacific, HLB International

Coco is a visionary and creative achiever with key strengths in strategic planning and international business development.  

She joined HLB in 2006 and has a strong focus on building competitive edges for HLB network and creating values for member firms, business partners, clients and prospects.  

Under her leadership, HLB ranks as top 5-10 international accounting network in many key markets in Asia Pacific. Coco has also successfully built competitive advantages for HLB on:  

  • HLB’s Global China Service, the profession’s first mid-market facilitator assisting Chinese outbound business activities at global level, awarded by Acquisition International 2015 Finance Award for Best Global China Service.  
  • Business Channel Development Initiative, collaborating with external multipliers to extend each other’s value chain and to provide one-stop-shop experience and sustainable growth to mutual clients.  HLB is the only mid-market networks implementing this concept from central level to inspire professional service providers to be outward and forward thinking. 

Through her extensive travel and studies in FDI trends, she has built strong interests and confidence in the future of emerging markets – Asia pacific and Africa in particular. She has met with business leaders across the world and learned how the political and economic climate in a country can affect foreign investments.  

Speaking Chinese, English and Dutch, Coco has a deep understanding of different ways of doing business across the globe under the influence of cultural dynamics and social attitudes.  She regularly speaks at international conferences with her knowledge on China and Asia. 

Before joining HLB, Coco was previously Chief Representative of a Hong Kong luxury & leisure company to mainland China and began her career in a marketing role at world’s top FMCG brand.