Dr Florian M Spiegl

Co-Founder & COO, FinFabrik

Florian is a broadly experienced entrepreneur and FinTech practitioner. He is a co-founder of FinFabrik,
a Hong Kong-based FinTech company that develops Capital Markets software. FinFabrik platforms
power businesses in asset origination, retail trading, algorithmic trading and wealth management across
instruments, including cryptoassets. Florian is particularly engaged with the theoretical foundations of
emerging new investable instrument classes based on blockchain technology, ranging from tokenised
intangible assets to digital real assets.

With his first company started as a student, Florian has seen both failure and success as a founder
across different industries such as furniture e-commerce and travel services for Chinese tourists. In his
corporate career, he worked in Digital Banking at Credit Suisse and as a management consultant for The
Boston Consulting Group. Florian holds a PhD in Political Sciences.