Dr. Gang Lu

Founder,, TechNode.com / TechCrunch China

Dr. Gang Lu is the Founder and CEO of TechNode, making him one of China’s most recognised influencers in the global technology sector.

What started as Dr. Lu’s personal blog quickly became a highly respected international innovation platform, with six business units including TN Media (Chinese and English technology media platform), TN Inno (corporate innovation services), TN Global (Asia and global business), TN Events (branding and event services), TN Data (startup ecosystem data analysis) and TN VC (venture capital and financing services). Through these initiatives, TechNode connects China’s start-up technology ecosystem with the rest of the world. Today, TechNode is the exclusive China partner of TechCrunch.

Dr. Lu earned his PhD in Wireless Communications from the University of Sheffield, UK. Dr. Lu was honored with the ‘1000 Talents Plan’ of Shanghai in 2017, and received the Entrepreneurial Award of the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Awards in 2017-18.