Emma Felice

Content Creator, Tokidoki Traveller

Emma is the creator of the Tokidoki Traveller YouTube channel, which has produced multiple virtual Japanese apartment tours which in turn have gathered over 10 million views. Emma is focused on creating videos that educate others on what life is like in Japan for foreigners, mainly concentrating on housing and everyday life.

After graduating from University in 2016 at the age of 20, she moved to Tokyo, Japan and began her channel, which over the course of 3 years has gathered a growing audience of over 200 000 subscribers.
In 2016 she documented her life living in an 8 square meter apartment in Tokyo, the video of which collected over 2.5 million views on her channel, and 14 million views on the channel ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’. Through this experience she garnered knowledge of the power and popularity of virtual house tours and the trends of living smaller.

Emma now creates a variety of videos, and occasionally works with local governments in Japan to promote towns to tourists in an attempt to combat the area’s declining population. She continues to grow her audience and strives to educate the rest of the world on the possibilities and limitations of housing for foreigners in Japan.