Isabelle LaRue

Building Engineer and Creative Entrepreneur, Engineer Your Space

Isabelle LaRue founded and grew an award winning YouTube channel by sharing her clever solutions for temporarily transforming less than perfect rented spaces into comfortable, elegant homes. After a decade of engineering spaces, she continues to empower millions of people worldwide to make themselves at home no matter where they live. A building engineer and DIY enthusiast, she values efficient use of space and resources to make her designs accessible on a limited budget. She’s a strong believer that affordable housing can be both functional and beautiful.

Most recently, her adventurous spirit led her to design, build and live in a 72-sqft off-grid micro dwelling. This provided invaluable insights on what it takes to create a comfortable home within a small footprint. As a solo ager, this experience also shifted Isabelle’s perspective on the meaning of home, material possessions and the value of community. Not finding the type of home she wants for herself in the future, she is passionate about developing new concepts that will expand the housing options catering to older adults.

Isabelle LaRue will be appearing virtually at ARES 2023.