Kribashini Hannon

Co-Founder and Director, BuildHer Collective

Kribashini Hannon has a wealth of personal and professional experience to help and support women build and renovate.

Kribashini fell in love with construction when she was only a child. Inspired by running around at her father’s glass factory whilst growing up in Wellington, NZ, Kribashini quickly developed a deep passion for Construction and Project Management. This resolve stuck with her through university, leading her to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Building Science from VU and a Master of Project Management from RMIT.

Over 13 years later, Kribashini remains highly passionate about the built environment and spends time managing commercial projects. Having been through her own home renovation, Kribashini wants to share her insights, experience and knowledge with other like-minded women and help them feel confident about building.