Nelly Hrnic

Creator, Nelly’s Life / Co-Founder, Freedom Creator Academy

Nelly is a travel and lifestyle content creator based in Southeast Asia but feels at home all over the globe. She has shared her life experiences to her world wide audience of 2M+ overall followers with a good portion of authenticity, relatability and good vibes. She lived in Europe, the US and Asia for several years and has run multiple businesses in advertising (10 years), F&B industry (3 years) and Social Media (5 years) simultaneously. Save to say she has a strong sense and passion for entrepreneurship and ran multiple businesses that generated active and passive income.

Back in 2017, Nelly decided to take some time off to travel for two months and discovered her love for Southeast Asian countries. In 2018, she decided to leave her life in Miami behind and downsized her belongings to one piece of carry-on luggage to travel full-time. 

She started working remotely on her business which turned out to be challenging, especially with limitations of internet and working from different time zones. But seeing new places every day, making friends all over the globe and having life long memories out-weighted the sleepless nights. She diverted her focus to content creation on YouTube and is now running several successful YouTube channels. 

There is one country specifically where she felt at home and the happiest and eventually she decided to make it her home base after eight months non-stop travel, which is: the Philippines.

Once the pandemic hit, she had to adapt to a new content strategy due to restrictions and reinvented the vlogging channel back then with her partner and went from cinematic travel food and lifestyle videos to more raw “every-day-life” vlogs from the perspective of a foreigner living in the Philippines. 

One of her latest passion projects became investments in the real estate business. She owns three properties (1x in Austria and 2x in the Philippines) and has generated additional income streams from producing vlogs on real estate investment, dealing with agents and home improvement. 

Nelly will share her experiences on this in detail at our panel and is happy to answer all questions around content creation on social media and how to build a loyal audience that trusts your brand.