Ornpaka “Tong” Vudhikosit

Senior Industry Manager (Travel, Real Estate and eCommerce), Google Thailand

Ornpaka (“Tong”) Vudhikosit has over 15+ years digital marketing experience. Following an initial stint as an Auditor at Deloitte in Bangkok, she pursued her MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was in the United States that she embarked on her digital marketing journey, joining Sears Holdings after her MBA as a Digital Marketing Manager in Chicago, Illinois. After four years of honing her expertise in the US market, she returned to Thailand in 2014 to join Google as an Industry Manager.

Her comprehensive portfolio at Google covers a wide range of performance-driven client segments, including Automotive, Finance, Retail/eCommerce, and Travel. Since 2018, she has been leveraging her knowledge and experience to spearhead Google’s marketing solutions for top property clients, further solidifying her established expertise in this sector.

In addition to her expertise in digital marketing for property clients, she possesses a keen acumen for real estate investment and demonstrates a steadfast commitment to engaging with the property community. To balance her professional pursuits, she finds solace in outdoor jogging and exploring the city’s culinary scene with friends and family.