Ovy Sabrina

COO and Co-Founder, Rebricks

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Atmajaya Catholic University, Ovy started her career working in her family’s business: manufacturing concrete blocks. Her family’s business has over three decades of experience in building blocks. Under the tutelage of her father, she absorbed his wisdom regarding the manufacturing and distribution of concrete blocks. Concerned with the waste problem, Ovy takes exception to Indonesia’s plastic waste problem, especially non-valuable plastic waste such as multilayered, plastic bags, and soft plastic packaging waste. In addition to personal decisions geared toward less waste, she has the vision to make construction material from waste.

In early 2018, with her partner Novita Tan, Ovy started their journey of making recycled bricks. In November 2019, they launched their first product, pavers and called their company Rebricks. In 2021, Rebricks launched its second and third products, Rebricks Hollow Block and Ventilation Blocks. Amid the pandemic, Rebricks grow against all odds catering to the customer’s building materials needs, companies’ recycling services, NGO’s CSR activities, and creating environmental and social impacts. Third year in, Rebricks has started to find its own footing in Indonesia’s green architecture market.