Pennie Lim

Founder and CEO, HOMA

Pennie is the Founder and CEO of HOMA. She is responsible for overall growth of the business. Her key area of focus includes forging strategic relationships, implementation of business strategies, marketing & brand development. Besides the business operation, she also acting as a mentor to colleagues on employee development.

As a graduate in Operation Management, Pennie has been in a trading & marketing of architectural product with more than 10 years industry experience. She has successfully disrupted the traditional brick and mortar business by enabling the construction and renovation industry to progress into a more affordable and effective sourcing and repurposing through the overstock O2O business platform. Her initial idea is to help construction companies to reduce non-biodegradable construction salvage, reduce warehousing management cost and regain the stuck cash flow due to overstocking by purchasers, excessive productions by manufacturers or even old stocks which had been there for ages.