Prof. Jason Pomeroy

Founding Principal, Pomeroy Studio / Pomeroy Academy

Prof. Jason Pomeroy is an award-winning architect, academic, author and TV personality at the forefront of the sustainable built environment agenda. He graduated with Bachelor and Post-Graduate degrees with distinction from the Canterbury School of Architecture; received his Masters degree from Cambridge University, and his PhD from the University of Westminster. He is the Founding Principal of Singapore-based sustainable urbanism, architecture, design and research firm Pomeroy Studio. Prior to founding Pomeroy Studio, Jason worked in Brussels,Amsterdam, London, Bahrain and Kuala Lumpur.

His architectural, real estate and construction experience has borne influence in international construction, development and design firms that have included YRM, Kajima and Broadway Malyan. In 2008, he relocated to Asia to successfully establish Broadway Malyan’s Singapore office. Jason’s award-winning projects transcend scale and discipline and include the Idea House and B House: the first carbon zero and operational carbon negative houses in Asia and Singapore respectively, Trump Tower Manila: the tallest residential tower in the Philippines, and Newpark: a 247 acre eco -township set to contain the first zero-carbon public realm in Johor, Malaysia.

His leadership role in Pomeroy Studio provides the vision and creative direction in both design and research, and is personally involved in the studio’s projects. He is committed and passionate about all aspects of green design, and in particular zero energy development, modular construction, and vertical urban theory –3 fields of research that underpin the design works of the studio. In addition to leading Pomeroy Studio, Jason is the author of, ‘POG:Pod-Off GridExplorations into Low Energy Waterborne Communities’(2016), ‘The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat’(2014) and ‘Idea House: Future Tropical Living Today’ (2011). He is a special professor at the University of Nottingham and the UniversitaI UAV di Venezia.

Jason also promotes the role architecture plays in society through his award-winning television series on ChannelNewsAsia -‘City Redesign’ (Singapore) and ‘City Time Traveller’. He also continues to be a featured speaker at global conferences and events including TEDx and the World Architecture Festival.