Raj Kumar Gupta

Chief Technology Officer,, VOV International Co., Ltd.

Raj Kumar Gupta is a tech enthusiast and Chief Technology Officer of VOV International Co., Ltd. He leads the company’s product development and technology strategy. Raj’s journey with VOV began with robotics where he is leading the Software development team for the World’s first truly intelligent robot that interacts with human called temi. He has the belief that the AI of robot temi will bring ease to the daily life of senior citizens and also adaptive learning for young generations. He is working with top innovations companies in Thailand to develop apps for robot temi in retail, hospitality, healthcare and education sector.

Raj strongly feels that product design and development go hand in hand, with the ever changing demands of work, his focus shifts gears accordingly with new technology, allowing him to explore different areas and hone his skills. Exploring new concepts and ideas besides work satiates his hunger for learning and sharing.

Prior to taking this role, Raj has worked with various IT industries in India, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and US where he has developed more than 25 mobile applications for Education, Healthcare, eCommerce, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail and Lifestyle. One of the applications that he developed is called Jeeves and it was acquired by Flipkart (leading eCommerce platform in India) and subsequently Walmart acquired Flipkart for USD16 billion.

He has been appreciated for his work at Biipbyte Technologies when the company lost the source code and he took the challenge to do reverse engineering of App and got back 100 percent of the code successfully.

Raj earned his Bachelor degree from National Institute of Science and Technology, India and is Oracle certified Java Professional. Outside of work, he is enthusiastic about travelling and loves to listen to his music playlist.