William Tan

Real Estate Advisor / Co-Founder, Prident / Haus of Pride

William Tan is a licensed realtor with a speciality in servicing the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore. He co-founded Prident (www.prident.co), a non-profit LGBTQ+ professional collective aimed at helping the queer community improve their economic well being and career development. He also started Haus of Pride(www.hausofpride.sg), the first real estate division to openly promote diversity and inclusion in the industry, offering a safe space for clients and real estate agents to discuss and plan their important milestones.

William regularly writes and runs webinars to share his knowledge on home ownership and property investment for LGBTQ+ and has been featured in The Straits Times, BBC , Bloomberg, Stacked Home, Esquire and Home & Decor magazine, and many more.

He has helped many LGBTQ+ clients with their property portfolio – market to sell, buy and rent properties. He also runs an online LGBTQ+ Clinic to answer private questions from the community.