Yasmin Rasyid

Sustainability Director, Malaysia, Lendlease

Yasmin Rasyid is a marine biologist by profession and an environmentalist by passion. She has a degree in Marine Biology and a minor in Contemporary Religion from Duke University, a M.Sc. from University Malaya in Biotechnology and a PhD in Sustainability Science from University Malaya. Yasmin has 20 years of experience and knowledge in sustainability, community development, social entrepreneurship and social responsibility in Malaysia. She is also involved in community mobilisation and research-based programs on issues related to sustainability.

Today Yasmin works as Sustainability Director, Malaysia at Lendlease to build sustainable precincts and also implement strategies that contribute high social impact and values to communities, while support and implement decarbonisation efforts. In her spare time, Yasmin indulges in creative projects and activities. She also volunteers regularly for local environmental and social NGOs.