1 Dec 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

Improve quality of life by bringing light to rural communities

Rural electrification is one of the solutions to help bring electricity to remote and rural areas

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
22 Feb 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Creating sustainable cities for future generations

Developers are stepping up by building walking cities and setting green standards

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
1 Jul 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Exploring efficient design: Groundbreaking solutions to transform urban cities

Prof. Jason Pomeroy joins us at the webinar to discuss challenges faced in urban cities, as well as concepts to address such issues

Asia | Newsroom
13 Apr 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Can urban planning prevent the emergence of future pandemics?

We dig deep to determine the root cause behind the COVID-19 outbreak

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