Mass timber architecture, the best revival trend of 2023

The trend allows people to go back to their roots of traditional housing and upgrade it

Timber can be used for any type of structure. Alhim/Shutterstock

Multiple architecture trends are rising in 2023, and Architecture & Design listed mass timber or timber construction as one of the trends to watch out for. Steel and concrete for construction have been dubbed one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions, so developers have been shifting to the more traditional timber as a more sustainable option.

Timber proves to not only be an aesthetic design choice but also a beneficial substitute to less sustainable construction materials with its health benefits and uses.

Design firm HKS noted that, in terms of health, there is a link between exposed wood and workplace satisfaction and productivity. The more exposed wood surrounding a workplace, the more productive workers will be. Natural materials are also known to relieve stress, which can lower the risk of mental illness.

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In terms of versatility, timber can be used for any type of structure. Whether it be commercial building, for hospitality, sports, or anything else, timber would create a good base for the construction of these buildings.

Despite common worries, media company Vox said that mass timber does well against fire since larger and more compressed masses of wood does not ignite easily, and, if it does, the outer layer would char then self-extinguish in a way that shields the rest of its layers. It also does well against earthquakes since it is easily repairable and can be used to build structures in urban areas not suitable for concrete.

With timber, the construction process will be faster, will cost less, and will produce minimal waste due to the fabrication of the proper sizing needed by architects and designers, making it easier to assemble. Using timber also promotes good forest management, decreasing the risk of forest fires. It also provides more working opportunities as mills and surrounding communities open once again to manage the sourcing of timber.

On top of everything, the use of timber is aesthetic and leaves a soothing effect on those who witness vast expanses of the exposed wood.

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