ARES White Paper Volume 2: Unravelling the power of data revolution in real estate

Insights on proptech, smart cities, and sustainable development

In the 2022 edition of our Whitepaper, brought to you by the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit (ARES), we delve into “The Power of Data Revolution,” with a focus on the transformative roles of proptech, smart cities, and sustainable development in a rapidly evolving world.

Beginning with Stephen Oehme’s “Time for Adaptive Change,” we explore the essential role of data in driving business success and sustainability in the new normal, setting the stage for a series of diverse, yet interconnected, perspectives.

Dr. William D. Thomas’ article, “Asia after COVID: A story of uneven recovery and reinvention,” seamlessly takes the discussion forward, analysing the varied pace of recovery and innovation across Asia in response to the pandemic.

We then transition to the realm of AI with the author’s piece, “Siri tells it all,” where Susan Bennett, the voice behind Siri, reveals the fascinating backstory of this groundbreaking virtual assistant.

In “A future like Wakanda,” Curtis S. Chin brings a unique perspective on urban development, blending the future with the past to craft sustainable cities, linking to the broader theme of balance in development.

This concept of balance is further examined in “People, planet, and partnerships,” derived from insightful interviews by Curtis Chin and Mallika Gadepalli, which offers a comprehensive framework for sustainable living in Asian megacities.

Al Gerard de la Cruz’s article, “Earth, wind, water, and fire,” delves into the pressing need for climate resilience in real estate, highlighting strategies to safeguard properties against climate disasters.

Returning to the theme of sustainability, the author’s “Green crusade” reveals how data-driven decision-making is revolutionising the real estate sector, a narrative that is becoming increasingly prevalent among consumers and industry leaders alike.

The exploration of technology continues in “Conversational AI,” where our editors discuss the ethical implications and innovations in AI with industry expert Nick Myers.

Further enriching this collection is an insightful conversation with Angelo Tan of the World Bank Group, in “Pursuing a career in sustainability,” shedding light on personal and professional journeys in the sustainable property sector.

Celebrating diversity, our tenth article champions female leadership in traditionally male-dominated fields, underlining the importance of inclusive leadership.

The innovative concept of asset tokenization is deftly unpacked in “From bricks to bits,” offering a fresh perspective on the future of real estate finance.

James Eckford’s “Developers and migrant workers” calls attention to the critical alliance between developers and civil society in achieving social sustainability, an often-overlooked aspect of sustainable development.

Concluding with Stephen Oehme’s “Inspirations for the future,” the Whitepaper not only reflects on the lessons learned but also looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic world, highlighting the need for innovative approaches.

As we reflect on these diverse insights, the next PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit, themed “Adaptive Reinvention,” stands as a beacon for the future. Set for December 2022, this summit will focus on the evolving roles of real estate and technology sectors as they emerge from the pandemic and confront the realities of climate change. This theme embodies our ongoing commitment to adapt, innovate, and lead in these crucial areas.

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