19 Oct 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit announces its ‘Data Revolution’ and speaker line-up for 2021 virtual edition

Global experts will deliver insights and practical studies on proptech, smart cities, and sustainable development Now marking its seventh year, the virtual summit will open on 8 December 2021 during

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7 Oct 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Calling all start-ups: Apply now for PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit’s 2021 Tech Innovation Award

We’re looking for the boldest and brightest innovators in proptech –– share with us your real estate tech and we’ll publicise your story to the world

Asia Pacific | Press Release
6 Oct 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Innovation and real estate, a harmony we’ve been missing

Experts in real estate gather to discuss how innovation can help the industry prepare for the post-pandemic world 

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
29 Sep 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

Healing the Earth and poverty with green buildings

Developing countries still face challenges for going green, but more organisations and programmes are lending a hand 

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
28 Sep 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Digital business models are taking over retail and logistics

Experts on retail and logistics gather to discuss Asia’s economic recovery and the shift from offline to online 

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
23 Sep 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

Property technology is reshaping real estate markets around the world

The Asia Pacific proptech market has shown unpredictable trends, but it is gradually catching up 

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
16 Sep 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

A holistic view for a sustainable future

The four pillars of sustainability and ways to achieve a sustainable future

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
7 Sep 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit’s first Digital White Paper tackles the fundamentals of responsible building

Green and climate heroes join forces to discuss how Asia Pacific can weather the current environmental crises and the looming effects of climate change

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
22 Jul 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Why sustainability should no longer be an afterthought in design

Sustainability now means resiliency and being able to evolve during a time of exponential change

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
1 Jul 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

The evolution of F&B assets in the Covid era

Experts provided insights on how F&B operators managed and survived COVID-19, as well as shared the importance of e-commerce and contactless services during such a time

Asia Pacific | Press Release
10 Mar 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Improving the quality of life indoors and outdoors

Experts and industry leaders suggest solutions to issues involved with the stages of construction

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
9 Mar 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

VIDEO: Creating value in commercial real estate

Importance of digitalisation, creating value in commercial real estate, and how to drive change for a more sustainable future

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