The Philippines hops on the transportation development cart

Filipinos have finally found a solution to long and tiring commutes

Other plans for railway systems are also in the works. AmnatPhuthamrong/Shutterstock

The Philippines is known for its heavy traffic, which is why Business World touched on the Department of Transportation’s (DoTr) plan for the future of the transport system. The department is looking to keep transportation efficient, comfortable, and accessible by implementing transportation-based developments.

One of the main goals of the DoTr is to finish the North-South Commuter Railway System, Metro Manila Subway Project, North-South Commuter Railway System, LRT-1 Cavite Extension, MRT-7, and the Common Station to make travel easier around Luzon. Other plans for railway systems are also in the works for provinces in Mindanao, Panay, and Cebu.

Local developer Brittany reported on how the DoTr and the Philippine National Railway have been collaborating to accomplish their goals, with plans to open the railways to the public by the third quarter of 2023. 

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This is good progress, considering the rise in demand for transportation and the delay the pandemic caused. International Railway Journal (IRJ) discussed the beginning of the railway’s construction for the Metro Manila Subway project specifically. 

The construction began in October 2022 with a groundbreaking in Pasig City under the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos. The delay encountered before was posed as a challenge because of  right-of-way disputes. Those living near the possible railway route kept a grip on their houses under the support of Republic Act No. 8974, which protects their private property from being taken by the government.

However, despite the pause, the situation was resolved, so construction picked up again especially since the plan was at the point of no return.

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