Cheapest and most expensive Australian city beach suburbs and other news

For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, we present Australia’s cheapest and most expensive city beach suburbs of 2023. Plus, multifamily properties to address APAC’s housing challenges, and how AMC is tweaking the way we watch movies.

The cheapest and most expensive Australian city beach suburbs of 2023

While Australia is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, most of us can’t afford to live near one, and Sydney home prices in particular have become so expensive that affordability generally only improves the further from the ocean buyers get.

But for those who have their heart set on living by the beach in the Harbour City, PropTrack presents more affordable options than those found in the Eastern Suburbs.

Is multifamily an answer to Asia Pacific’s housing challenges?

Last year, the world’s population reached the expected milestone of eight billion people. Coupled with rapid urbanisation and rising rents amidst an ongoing housing crisis, a shortage of housing has become an area of concern across many major markets globally. Though challenging, one particular sector of real estate has become a beacon of hope for the Asia Pacific region, offering a solution to the ongoing housing crisis – multifamily.

Multifamily properties are residential properties designed and constructed to accommodate multiple households or families within a single building or complex. Multifamily properties have proven to be a robust and attractive investment option says director Robert Anderson, Head of Living, Asia Pacific Capital Markets, JLL, in RETalk Asia.

AMC, the world’s largest cinema chain, is tweaking the way we watch movies

Last summer, the “Barbenheimer” boom, fueled by the smash success of films “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” breathed fresh life into the movie theater business after months on the edge of a pandemic-induced extinction.

But now that the pink outfits and porkpie hats are off the big screen, concerns remain about the health of the movie business as it faces increased competition from streaming services, an uneven recovery, and delays caused by last year’s Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strikes.

AMC Entertainment, often viewed as a bellwether for the industry as the world’s largest movie theater chain, is not immune to those challenges.

According to CNN, AMC is diversifying its in-theater offerings, cutting more deals with musicians like Taylor Swift for concert films, and seeking new sources of revenue to aid in its recovery.

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