Discover what life is like in the 15-minute city

Everything you need in life within 15 minutes from home

The concept of 15-minute cities would do tremendous good. Yasonya/Shuttershock

Everything should be readily available to everyone within a short walk or bike from home. This is where the idea of the 15-minute city comes in.

The Guardian describes it as a city to make everyones lives a lot easier, more convenient, less stressful, and more sustainable. Considering the accessibility of necessities, as well as the decrease of gas usage of everything within a walking distance, it is easy to imagine the 15-minute city delivering these benefits.

The concept of 15-minute cities would do tremendous good to both the environment and the health of the people living in it. There would be less emissions from cars while the residents reap the health benefits of walking or cycling all while avoiding prolonged periods of commute.

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These walkable cities would also be able to create a stronger union where there is diversity between the residents of cities. Working with and meeting people would become so much easier due to the close proximity, and there would be better use of public or mixed-use spaces. Residents would also be more involved in the community due to the more tight-knit relationship that the 15-minute cities would foster.

Forbes even conducted a study where they checked the feasibility of building 15-minute cities and if they’d actually be helping the communities. The challenge of where the boundaries would be and what amenities to include appeared, but it was established that discussion in each individual area would solve that. On the other hand, isolated communities would be able to have more accessible basic amenities without having to travel their usual far distances.

With 15-minute cities, the world could take a step forward in a more sustainable and accessible lifestyle.

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