Minimalist housing and why it is getting big

This type of housing goes beyond the first level of aesthetics

Minimalism is growing in popularity because of its aesthetics and its compliance with sustainable living. Followtheflow/Shutterstock

Recently, newer generations have been adding more value to the basic things in life, leading them to live a more minimalist lifestyle. This is reflected in housing, as well.

Minimalist architecture has been giving emphasis to life as it is for a long time. According to BBC, the term has been used to describe different interiors, although in an unflattering manner at first. Now, many aspire to live in the minimalist aesthetic, not just to give life more value and meaning, but also to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. They make their homes more comfortable, stylish, and practical with fewer elements.

Global design blog Wallpaper has a few examples of minimalist houses designed to inspire calmth in its residents. Each house has a minimal colour palette of neutrals with elegant spaces that provide plenty of room to breathe and move around while maintaining a warm atmosphere. 

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Although this style of architecture and interior design is growing in popularity because of its aesthetics and its compliance with sustainable living, there are other practical benefits to it as well. Online design portal The House Design Hub said that this style has increased functionality due to less clutter, giving it an increased sense of peace. It provides financial benefits by helping save on interior decor and furniture. It is a lot easier to clean and maintain, giving its residents more time to enjoy their home. Finally, as mentioned earlier, it does have environmental benefits by helping lessen carbon footprints with the lessened amount of purchases.

In conclusion, minimalist housing caters to the trend of a simpler lifestyle, to value life as it is, and to support the shift to sustainable living.

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