News roundup: Gamuda Park’s Wetlands Festival 2024, and other headlines

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For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, we report on the Gamuda Park’s Wetlands Festival 2024. In other headlines, a TV show backed by the Tourism Board promotes Hong Kong as a “hospitable metropolis” and the latest updates on the Mumbai Metro Lines project.

Nurturing environmental stewardship through Gamuda Parks’ Wetlands Festival 2024

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, Gamuda Parks organised the Wetlands Festival 2024 at its Wetlands Arboretum Centre in Gamuda Cove. Gamuda Parks is a sustainable landscaping initiative by Gamuda Land.

The Wetlands Festival highlighted the importance of environmental education and eco-tourism, alongside strategic collaborations with educational institutions and partners who share the same interest in conducting research that can make a meaningful impact. Wetlands are vital ecosystems known for their rich biodiversity and essential roles in food security, carbon storage, and water filtration. Recognising their importance, Gamuda Land through Gamuda Parks, transformed a 90-acre reserved land in Gamuda Cove, near Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands into a Wetlands Arboretum—a living tree museum.

“Arboretums serve several important functions, combining educational, research, and recreational purposes. Besides maintaining living collections of trees, some of which may be rare, endangered, or historically significant, the Wetlands Arboretum is also a living laboratory for the study of plant biology, ecology, and horticulture,” explained Khariza Abd Khalid, Executive Director, Gamuda Land to PropertyGuru Malaysia.

New Tourism Board-backed TV show promotes Hong Kong as ‘hospitable metropolis’ to boost tourism

A local broadcaster has debuted a Tourism Board-supported television show promoting Hong Kong as a welcoming city, part of an official “courtesy campaign” to boost the ailing tourism industry.

The show, “Undercover Service Squad,” aired on Sunday on the local HOY TV channel. Described as a reality programme, the eight-episode show followed hosts praising the “sincere attitude” of business owners while visiting tourist attractions such as the Aberdeen Pier and Tai Mo Shan.

According to HKFP, Simon Wong, chairperson of the Quality Tourism Services Association, said the programme could highlight high-quality services in the city, benefitting customers, businesses, and society.

Mumbai Metro Lines: routes, map, stations, and latest news

Intending to provide alternate connectivity to Mumbaikars, the plan to construct the Mumbai Metro took shape in 2006 when builders laid the foundation stone for phase 1 of the project. However, operational and policy setbacks resulted in delays to the Mumbai Metro Lines project. Today, only three Mumbai Metro lines have been commissioned. Of these, two are new metro lines in Mumbai. provides a detailed guide about the Mumbai metro map, the Mumbai metro route, Mumbai metro stations, and the latest developments in the Mumbai Metro construction.

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