News roundup: Hong Kong plans eco-recreation facilities in Lantau Island, plus other stories

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For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, the Hong Kong government plans an “Eco-Recreation Corridor” around Lantau Island involving F&B, sports, and adventure facilities. In other headlines, co-living is reshaping the way people experience urban living in Malaysia, and carmaker Toyota and real estate firm Robinsons Land in the Philippines confirmed reports of data breaches.

Public views sought on gov’t plan to develop South Lantau with F&B, sports and recreation ‘eco’ facilities

The Hong Kong government is proposing an “Eco-Recreation Corridor” around Lantau Island’s Cheung Sha, Shui Hau, Shek Pik, and Pui O, involving F&B, sports, and adventure facilities.

A two-month public engagement exercise began on 28th May, according to a Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) paper.

The plan, reported by HKFP, aims to transform the area into a tourism and conservation awareness hub. It would see Cheung Sha – home to Hong Kong’s longest beach – developed, with facilities such as a visitor centre and retail and dining spaces. Campsites, water sports zones, hiking chairlifts, resort accommodations, and leisure piers could appear along the coast if the proposal is approved.

Co-living in Malaysia: 5 Advantages and what you need to know

Co-living is gaining popularity in Malaysia, driven by changing demographics, urbanisation trends, and a shifting preference towards shared living experiences. With its unique approach to shared living spaces, community building, and inclusive services, co-living is reshaping the way people experience urban living in Malaysia, according to PropertyGuru Malaysia.

Co-living is a modern living concept where individuals rent rooms or apartments within communal properties, sharing facilities, amenities, and activities to build a strong sense of community. This approach to housing, popularised by housing startups, offers affordable living in various settings, such as renovated homes or dormitory-style lodging.

Co-living is a popular choice in cities for students, workers, and digital nomads seeking affordable housing with a range of amenities and services that enhance their overall quality of life.

Toyota, Robinsons Land in the Philippines confirm data breaches

Carmaker Toyota and real estate firm Robinsons Land have confirmed reports of data breaches in their company. They are now under evaluation by the Philippines’ National Privacy Commission (NPC).

In a statement on 6th June, NPC Compliance and Monitoring Division chief Rainier Milanes said Robinsons Land notified the NPC of a breach on 1st June, while Toyota made a breach notification on 14th May.

“The NPC takes all allegations of data breaches very seriously and is actively monitoring the situation to ensure the security and privacy of all concerned data subjects,” Milanes said in PNA.

He added that the Philippine National Police (PNP) has also recently reported six data breaches in May.

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