News roundup: How major landfill projects turn water into land, and other headlines


For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, major landfill projects around the world show how water is turned into land. In other stories, Indonesia will open direct flights from Yogyakarta to several countries in the region for spiritual tourism, and five storage ideas to ensure your possessions stay safe and sound during the hot summer months.

Turning water into land: Major landfill projects around the world

The idea of transforming water into land has captivated humanity for centuries. The Netherlands, for example, is a pioneering nation in this field, where approximately 20 percent of the territory has been reclaimed from the sea or lakes, using dikes to control water flow and dry the surfaces. As technology has advanced, this practice has become more widespread. Today, China leads the way, joined by urban centers in the global south, such as cities in West Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East.

These megalomaniacal land reclamations are primarily undertaken in areas with extensive coastlines but insufficient landmass to meet their needs. In this regard, the newly reclaimed areas serve many purposes, ranging from the development of luxury residential complexes to an entertainment archipelago featuring hotels, restaurants, theaters, and shops.

As technology progresses in tandem with growing environmental concerns and the impacts of climate change, iconic land reclamations built in recent decades serve as crucial examples that can guide strategies on what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what not to do, in new land expansions over the sea. ArchDaily takes a closer look at some of the most notable examples.

Indonesia plans to open air routes connecting regional Buddhist centres

Indonesia plans to open direct flights from Yogyakarta, which is home to Borobudur – the largest Buddhist temple in the world – to several countries in the region to facilitate Buddhists as well as tourists to experience spiritual tourism, as part of a master plan to develop the Borobudur Buddhist temple complex.

Odo Manuhutu, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs Republic of Indonesia said in VietnamPlus that this country began discussing opening a direct air route between Yogyakarta and Bangkok (Thailand) very early.

Keep your summer cool with these 5 storage ideas

Summer brings sunshine and fun, but it can also bring scorching temperatures that wreak havoc on your belongings. Whether you’re storing seasonal items in a garage or renting a storage unit, keeping things cool becomes a priority. presents five storage ideas to ensure your possessions stay safe and sound during the hot summer months.

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