News roundup: World’s most iconic sustainable buildings, and other headlines

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For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, we look at the world’s most iconic sustainable buildings. Plus, jail tourism in India and the types of hybrid work models.

World’s most iconic sustainable buildings

Few themes have stirred as much excitement and inspiration in recent years as sustainable architecture. It’s not just about buildings that don’t harm the environment; it’s about structures that actively contribute to the planet’s health. Architects Zone takes a moment to appreciate some of these iconic sustainable buildings, each a testimony to human ingenuity and a beacon of hope for our environmental future.

6 Indian prisons where you can walk free as a tourist and witness their timeless history

Jail tourism isn’t typically on a tourist’s bucket list, but one may be curious to see what it offers. There are unique opportunities in India that allow visitors to explore some historically significant prisons. The Times of India lists six penitentiaries with storied pasts that provide a glimpse into the struggles of the Indian Independence movement and inform visitors about those who fought for freedom.

Types of hybrid work models: What are they?

Work models are guidelines for how businesses operate regularly. A hybrid work approach mixes in-office and virtual work at varying levels. Some organizations need employees to stay in the workplace most of the time but enable them to work remotely for a couple of days per week. Creative Executive Space presents several forms of hybrid work models based on the demands of unique organizations and their different teams.

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