Tēmi: A life-changing robot that elevates households and caters to residents’ needs

One that can contend with the stereotypical robot butlers in sci-fi movies

Tēmi, the life-changing robot, at the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit 2019

From self-driving cars to hoverboards to state-of-the-art smart homes with robot butlers, sci-fi movies have had their fair share of tech predictions that have somehow come to fruition, albeit some years later.

At the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit in Bangkok last November, attendees were able to meet a life-changing robot named tēmi that can contend with the stereotypical robot butlers in movies, as long as there is access to a decent network connection.

Yossi Wolf, the founder and chairman, was first inspired to create a personal robot when he noticed his grandma struggling to hold her cup of tea or operate a smartphone.

After a few years of development, a one-metre, 12-kilogramme tēmi — that turned out to be helpful, engaging, fun, mobile, and packed with state-of-the-art sensors — was born. It came out to be highly intuitive as it could interact with humans, recognise their voice, the shape of their body, and their face, with the special capability to tilt up and down, seamlessly following the users’ movements.

Lim Wee Chiang, co-founder, VOV, and exclusive partner of tēmi in Thailand, demonstrated its valuable features at the summit, showcasing how the elderly can live more independently, emphasising how safety has always been their topmost priority.

Lim Wee Chiang, co-founder, VOV, and exclusive partner, demonstrating tēmi’s facial recognition capability at the summit

For users with poor eyesight, tēmi can scan the barcodes on perishable items to check the expiry date. Equipped with a cooking gas detector, it can automatically call listed relatives or emergency authorities as soon as it detects toxic smell.

As the world’s leading intelligent mobile personal robot for offices and homes, tēmi can also cater to all walks of life.

For relatives who want to check in on their loved ones, they can video call tēmi from a remote location without needing to press the answer button. They will also have the option to remotely manoeuvre the robot around a pre-mapped location or have it follow the user around wherever they go.

With voice recognition, residents can use their personal robot as an entertainment medium, such as playing their favourite tunes using its high-quality audio system that amplifies an entire room.

Families or friends located in different parts of the globe can watch movies or sports events remotely, yet together through the HD video call feature.

Moreover, hotels and airlines can use tēmi’s face recognition feature to check-in guests, providing the ultimate customer experience.

Wee Chiang with Raj Kumar Gupta, chief technology officer, VOV, and exclusive partner at tēmi, and Jules Kay, director of PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit and Asia Property Awards

And since this revolutionary proptech has proven to be beneficial and economically accessible for every household and corporation, PropertyGuru decided to recognise Wolf’s leadership and vision in developing the very first personal robot of its kind, showing how undoubtedly deserving he is to be the first-ever recipient of the Proptech Visionary of the Year award. 

“I’m very honoured to have this award remotely and to participate in this nice event. I truly believe that tēmi is the iPhone of robotics. It is the world’s leading personal robot that really interacts with humans, it has unparalleled user experience, and has an accessible price,” said Wolf, as he virtually accepted the recognition. 

Suffice to say, tēmi is more than just a tablet on wheels. Its valuable functions in helping the elderly and making your lives easier can easily contend with those movie-famous robot butlers.