The key to sustainable luxury vacations

Hotels have adapted to the universal need of combating climate change

Hotels have been advertising themselves as luxury alongside sustainable and eco-friendly. Chinnapong/Shutterstock

The effect of climate change on the earth makes people reevaluate the resources they use, thus leading to large-scale businesses doing the same. This is why large building developers have found methods to work through construction in a more sustainable manner, as discussed by Hotel Management. Sustainable hotels are some of the buildings to come out of this consideration.

In comparison to traditional resource intensive hotels, sustainable hotels have been receiving more attention and bookings with the vast majority of people making more of a conscious effort to live more sustainably. The buildings’ sustainable water usage especially helps convince people to try out sustainable hotels rather than traditional ones.

In an effort to keep booking rates high, hotels have been advertising themselves as luxury alongside sustainable and eco-friendly, according to travel magazine Hotel Weekend. They utilise images associated with the more luxurious end of the market, painting themselves as an ideal luxury stay when people are travelling.

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Yet, even with the luxury image, the rooms would still remain affordable given the large reduction of costs on the hotel’s end. Using renewable energy makes it so energy costs, which are often of the biggest costs of a hotel, are minimised.

Aside from hotels, resorts have been making the same sustainable adjustments, as reported by Ecotourism World. They follow the same formula of attributes that would make hotels sustainable.

  • Key card-operated lights
    • This means that the lights or electricity in general within a reserved room can only be powered with the key card in its intended slot, ensuring that no energy is accidentally wasted while those who reserved the room are out.
  • Reusing towels
    • Reusable towels are one of the indicators of a sustainable hotel, and, as mundane as the action sounds, reusing towels saves a large amount of water when it comes to laundry.
  • Loyal to local
    • If the hotel or resort makes sure to hire local and promote the usage of locally produced products, it means they care for their country’s economy and their countrymen.
  • Multi-use and refillable items
    • Similar to towels, having multi-use items like mugs or utensils and refillable items like bottles of shampoo and conditioner would help reduce both water and plastic usage while preventing unnecessary wastage.

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