Time to go green on architecture

Living sustainable can be as easy as owning a home

Green architecture innovations are believed to be important considerations. IvanKurmyshov/Shutterstock

Out of the multiple ways architects have been integrating sustainability into architecture, green architecture can be credited as a base for sustainable design trends. Software news and media plattform Plan Radar said green architecture comes with integrating sustainable measures such as solar energy, water conservation, and even something as simple as recycling into the building to reduce its carbon footprint. When it comes to finalising construction details, green architecture innovations are believed to be important considerations because of its reduced environmental impact and minimal long lasting impact on the planet’s ecosystems.

Among the green architecture innovations that can be adopted is  the passive solar design which efficiently controls a building’s heating using solar power, thus saving more energy. Biophilic design is also an example, which involves incorporating nature into manmade environments through plants, water features, and natural materials.

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Green  or living roofs, which are roofs that are covered in soil, vegetation, and other growing greens, count as green architecture as well.Architects are able to make use of net-zero energy building designs, since it is designed to be the epitome of sustainability. It generates enough electricity so there is no need to connect to utility grids, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment for a long time.

Construction blog Building News IO added that green architecture ensures a decrease in carbon emissions and efficient usage of resources and energy. This helps homeowners save  on maintenance costs in the long run despite high initial costs.

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