Integrated townships, creating hope for the future

Townships not only create jobs, but also support better mental health, prompt economic growth, and foster happiness

Higher congestion in neighbourhoods and roads, and increased pollution adds on to what already is a busy lifestyle. DenisDymov/Shutterstock

We are living in concerning times, wearing masks for most of our days, facing natural disasters and consequences of climate change like typhoons, flooding, and toxic air. More and more people are also migrating into urban areas for better opportunities and higher quality of life. However, we tend to forget the negative byproducts such as higher congestion in neighbourhoods and roads, and increased pollution, which adds on to what already is a busy lifestyle. Therefore, what can we do, particularly in our megacities around the world, to live a better quality of life, sustainably?  

As reported in Ambuja Neotia, self-contained/integrated townships appear to be the urban development template of the future. Integrated townships are well-planned, self-sustaining areas with commercial, residential, medical, retail, education, sports, and leisure facilities. They have efficiently designed infrastructure that supports a modern, urban, and sustainable ecosystem. This concept has been favoured and approved by architects and developers in various countries, from Dubai to Singapore, for three simple reasons: it’s sustainable, smart, and incredibly convenient.  

Additionally, these townships create jobs, support happiness and better mental health, catalyse economic growth, as well as are the perfect solution to urbanisation challenges. Hari V. Krishnan, CEO and managing director of PropertyGuru Group, also agrees that self-contained townships are our future’s hope.

In the article ‘Living sustainably and responsibly for our future and our children’s future’, published in the ARES digital White Paper Vol. 1., he said “townships are built by private developers, and this partnership between the private developers and the public infrastructure gives us a great opportunity to improve the homes of the future.” 

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