15 Dec 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Liter of Light: Illuminating developing nations one household at a time

A simple tech could serve as a beacon for households living in the dark

Asia | Newsroom
30 Nov 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Bamboo, a viable construction material for a sustainable future

Troy Carter of Rizome, winner of the 2020 Tech Innovation Award at the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit, shares his team’s climate-positive alternative to steel and concrete, both environmentally harmful materials

Asia | Newsroom
19 Nov 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Living sustainably and responsibly for our future and our children’s future

‘Many of us will live to see the cities of tomorrow, but all of our children will’

Asia | Newsroom
14 Oct 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

Affordability and sustainability, the long-awaited harmony

Sustainable buildings not only provide advantages for tenants but landlords and other stakeholders as well

Asia | Newsroom
7 Oct 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Calling all start-ups: Apply now for PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit’s 2021 Tech Innovation Award

We’re looking for the boldest and brightest innovators in proptech –– share with us your real estate tech and we’ll publicise your story to the world

Asia Pacific | Press Release
6 Oct 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Innovation and real estate, a harmony we’ve been missing

Experts in real estate gather to discuss how innovation can help the industry prepare for the post-pandemic world 

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
3 Sep 2021 | By Asia Real Estate Summit

PropertyGuru launches ‘Green Score’ to guide Singaporeans to sustainable homes

With 82% of Singaporeans willing to consider paying more for eco-friendly homes, PropertyGuru champions sustainable urban living

Singapore | Newsroom
22 Jul 2021 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Why sustainability should no longer be an afterthought in design

Sustainability now means resiliency and being able to evolve during a time of exponential change

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
22 Feb 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Creating sustainable cities for future generations

Developers are stepping up by building walking cities and setting green standards

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
9 Jul 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Is your hotel doing right by the environment?

An industry insider and sustainability expert gave us the lowdown on how the sector can minimise its carbon footprint

Asia | Newsroom
3 Jul 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Exploring efficient design: The limitations and potential of timber as a sustainable material

Ron Bakker of PLP Architecture shares their findings to encourage net carbon-negative developments

Asia | Newsroom
2 Jul 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Exploring efficient design: The beauty of reusing rather than discarding

Partner at SPARK Architects Wenhui Lim shares the importance of using resources wisely

Asia | Newsroom