10 Architectural projects to shape the world in 2024, and other headlines

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PropertyGuru’s news roundup features 10 architectural projects set to shape the world in 2024. In other headlines, Indonesia implements hefty entertainment taxes, and tips on how to set up a shared office space.

New architecture to shape the world in 2024

The past year in architecture may be remembered for superlatives after India opened the world’s largest office building and Malaysia’s Merdeka 118 became the second tallest skyscraper ever constructed.

But 2023 also celebrated subtlety, with a thoughtfully designed Chinese boarding school named World Building of the Year. And British architect David Chipperfield was awarded the Pritzker Prize — the field’s equivalent to a Nobel — for a career dedicated to understated cultural institutions.

The year ahead will likely bring a similar mix of the bold and the beautiful. CNN presents 10 architectural projects set to shape the world in 2024.

Indonesia implements hefty entertainment taxes, hospitality players will appeal

‌Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) has ordered higher taxes on nightclubs, discos, karaoke lounges, and spas since 5th January, while allowing regional government to determine how much they want to charge within that bracket.

About 36 regencies have decided to apply between 40 and 50 percent, while other regencies like East Belitung and Siak Regency have chosen to implement 75 percent, according to data from the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance.

Prior to this, entertainment tax was 25 to 35 percent.

MOF’s decision has met with strong protests from travel and tourism industry players, the spa association, and other tourism-related businesses. Representatives have submitted an appeal for a judicial review of the regulation.

TTG Asia reported that MOF’s Lydia rejected the idea that the new taxes would negatively impact tourism, as not all entertainment establishments were affected.

She also explained that the new regulation allows regional authorities to determine tariffs, and provide fiscal incentives in the form of relief, elimination, and exceptions where necessary.

How to set up a shared office space in 4 easy steps

While co-working is definitely hot right now, setting up a shared office space isn’t as simple as it first appears.

Among the many challenges for wannabe co-working moguls are working out how much to charge per person or per desk.

REA Group offers tips on how to set up a shared office space in four easy steps.

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