A pathway to sustainable paradise in Bohol with ESG integration

Sustainable development project showcases Bohol’s commitment to ESG and community engagement

Bohol is a destination known for its commitment to sustainability. MDVEdwards/Shutterstock

Organisations are facing increasing pressure to prioritise their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. The Philippine Star noted how ESG factors encompass a wide range of issues, including climate change, human rights, diversity and inclusion, employee welfare, and corporate governance. Companies that commit to sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance are viewed as more trustworthy and ethical by consumers, investors, employees, and the general public. Demonstrating strong ESG performance can attract and retain customers and investors, improve profitability, and enhance the company’s brand image and customer loyalty.

To improve their reputation and brand value, global companies are integrating ESG issues into their corporate strategies and decision-making processes. This involves identifying ESG risks and opportunities, setting targets and metrics, and reporting on ESG performance to stakeholders. Sustainable investments have been on the rise as investors increasingly consider strong ESG performance in their investment decisions. 

Engaging with stakeholders and effectively communicating ESG performance and initiatives are also essential for building a positive reputation. Organisations need to integrate ESG issues into their governance and management processes, allocate resources and expertise for effective ESG management, and utilise clear and transparent reporting frameworks.

An example of the integration of ESG factors into the recent developments of companies and organisations can be seen in Bohol, Philippines. According to South Palms and Panglao Shores, six world-class innovators in architecture, interior design, and green development have come together to create South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol – MGallery, a hotel that emphasises sustainability and community engagement. The project integrates the folklore and cultural heritage of Bohol, Philippines, into its design, utilising local materials such as recycled woods, weaving basketry, and fabrics, along with traditional techniques and performance-based materials like solar power, are used to break new ground in design and sustainability.

From left to right: JOHN FARELL, Director of XCO2 PTE LTD. (Sustainability & MEP Consultant), DREW ANDERSON, Managing Director, TOPO DESIGN STUDIO MONDIAL PTE LTD. (Landscape Consultant), PRASASTI CHENCHIN, Director, SCSY STUDIO PTE LTD. (Masterplan & Architectural Consultant), PATRICK KEANE, Founder, ENTER PROJECTS ASIA, HOPE UY, Managing Director, Panglao Shores, PATRICIA HO DOUVEN, Founder, WHITE JACKET PTE LTD. (Interior Design Consultant – Hotel Guestrooms & Public Areas), PHILLIP POND, Founder and Designer, ATELIER POND (Interior Design Consultant – Hotel F&B Outlets), and BILL BARNETT Managing Director, C9 HOTELWORKS (Head Consultant).

The project also focuses on “adaptive reuse,” preserving the history and traditions of the area by repurposing materials from former ancestral homes. Each room will feature a piece of Bohol, including wooden walls from village dwellings and natural materials that tell the stories of local artists and artisans. The hotel’s design embodies the timeless tales of family, reflecting the owners’ passion for the destination and their desire to honour the history, culture, and sense of family in every aspect of the project.

The owners of Alturas Group of Companies (AGC) have a deep passion for Bohol and are committed to rediscovering and celebrating the island’s cultural roots. The design of the resort, supported by renowned Asian hospitality consultancy C9 Hotelworks, reflects the timeless tales of family and the spirit of history, culture, and a sense of belonging. The project is a collaborative effort that aims to inspire others and respect the land and heritage for future generations.

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The hotel’s development adheres to eco-building standards and incorporates sustainable practices such as high-performance glass, natural ventilation, solar harvesting, smart technologies, and waste reduction. Sustainability specialists, including experts in low-carbon projects and landscape design, ensure the operational eco-friendliness of the resort. 

The construction of South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol – MGallery is currently underway, and it is set to be completed in Q4 2024. The resort is located in Bohol, a destination known for its commitment to sustainability, with the first eco-airport in the Philippines and state-of-the-art waste disposal and waterworks systems, further establishing Bohol as a truly sustainable destination. The project aligns with Bohol’s status as an exciting sustainable destination, supported by eco-friendly infrastructure like the Bohol-Panglao International Airport. South Palms Resort Panglao Bohol – MGallery aims to be a model for responsible development, promoting ESG values and preserving the cultural heritage of the region.

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