Asia is dripping with a new type of renewable energy

The continent is dipping its toes in the water of renewable energy for decarbonisation

South Asia uses hydroelectric power in the form of small hydro among many of the region’s renewable resources.

The world is facing an energy crisis, driving nations across the globe to increase their efforts to transition into green energy. Renewable energy blog Reglobal revealed that one of the ways Asia is handling this energy crisis is through hydroelectric power.

South Asia, in particular, uses hydroelectric power in the form of small hydro among many of the region’s renewable resources. Small hydro installations have longer durations and less environmental concerns, making it on par with large hydro projects but with  reduced cost. This is even beneficial for remote locations across the region, aiding in South Asia’s overall decarbonisation.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is doing just that by supporting the Solomon Islands to make the most of its clean energy sources and harness the power of both hydro and solar energy. This is under the Solomon Islands Provincial Renewable Energy Project of the ADB where they are constructing the Fiu River Hydropower Plant near Auki, Malaita and extending the existing power grid to new households.

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This project is only one part of ADB’s portfolio of energy investments in the Pacific region. These investments are aimedto cut the region’s reliance on fossil fuels and to increase the sustainable measures, which is why the focus is on hydro sources.

According to energy newsletter NS Energy, hydroelectric power became one of the primary sources of renewable energy, especially due to its flexibility of being scaled up and down quickly. It became more widely-used, increasing its contribution to the global power mix, especially thanks to China.

China took the place as the leading producer of hydroelectric power in the world, with a 618.8GW renewable energy capacity. The largest hydropower station in the world, Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Plant, is located in China, as well. 

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