13 Apr 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

6 guiding parameters to upgrade your workplace environment in the digital economy

Prof. Jason Pomeroy talks about the rise of the digital economy and its impact on the workplace

Asia | Newsroom
1 Apr 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

The truth about smart cities: Why they don’t exist yet

Charles Reed Anderson spills the real deal on why it’s unlikely that we already have smart cities in our midst

Asia | Newsroom
6 Mar 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Influential and inspirational: Women in power shine at the 2019 Asia Real Estate Summit

For International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the industry leaders who continue to break gender barriers

Asia | Newsroom
3 Mar 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Urban buildings: The cause of pollution and the ultimate solution

By 2060, we will have approximately two trillion square feet of buildings across the globe

Asia | Newsroom
18 Feb 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Digital storytelling: Selling properties with ease in a hyper-connected world

Three marketing experts share their unconventional means of capturing the attention of potential homeowners of today

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13 Dec 2019 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Design legend Tim Kobe redefines user experience in business approach and architectural design

It’s called the experience masterplan and it’s not just about understanding human behaviour

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
13 Dec 2019 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Is Asia prepared for the challenges that come with rapid urbanisation?

It all boils down to how resilient the region is, says an urban planner and designer based in Manila

Asia | Newsroom
4 Dec 2019 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Tēmi: A life-changing robot that elevates households and caters to residents’ needs

One that can contend with the stereotypical robot butlers in sci-fi movies

Asia | Newsroom
29 Nov 2019 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Embracing 5G in Thailand and China: What can property businesses and private consumers expect in 2020?

Unlike its predecessors, this new wave of connectivity has more breadth to offer

China | Newsroom