Set-jetting is the tourism trend to go by

The opportunity to visit places seen in movies and shows is among the most unique travel experiences

Younger generations are willing to splurge on an experience that they wouldn’t have anywhere else. Tonktiti/Shutterstock

Now that the pandemic is over and countries are easing their travel and entrance policies, travel is returning with a vengeance. Pressreader noted that many people are participating in “revenge travel” with all of the money they saved over the pandemic, but many factors like inflation or the weather led to cancelled flights.

However, now that things are clearing up, younger generations especially are planning out their travels, willing to splurge on an experience that they wouldn’t have anywhere else. Millennials and Gen Zs, being the two generations now with the most active purchasing power, constantly look for tourist spots that would give them either something unique or a chance to immerse themselves into the local culture.

Pressreader elaborated on what is called “Anywhere Traveller”, which is described as someone who wants to travel for the sake of experience rather than just following the normal or most obvious route. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that millennials and Gen Z fall into the category of “Anywhere Travellers” with the way they value experience. 

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Since they value experience, a new trend they can try out is “Set-jetting” or taking trips to movie or series sets, which is becoming one of the biggest tourism trends in 2023. In fact, the Philippine Star noted how people take movies and shows as sources of inspiration for their travels.

Asia alone already has a lot of options. For Japanese film or anime fans, there are the locations around Japan that inspired Your Name or are the location for live-action series Alice in Borderland. For K-drama Fans, there are the many locations around Seoul and Jeju featured in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Even Marvel Cinematic Universe fans can visit Thanos’s farm in the Philippines’ Banaue Rice Terraces

This would be a good trend for tourism to follow by looking into film locations in their country featured in popular movies and series and creating tour packages for them.

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