Electrifying developments take over Indian transportation

Other sectors are taking steps into decarbonising and decreasing their emissions

The National Electric Bus programme is already planning to deploy around 50,000 electric buses. alexfan32/Shutterstock

India has been taking different measures to achieve ASEAN’s goal of net zero by 2050. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) discussed one specific measure: electrifying public transportation. They see this as another way to phase out non-renewable fuel and decarbonising transportation, alongside using green hydrogen and biofuel.

India aims to increase their electric vehicle sales shares to reach 80 million of them out on the roads by 2030. The are looking to turn the electric vehicle sales shares to 30 percent in private cars, 70 percent in commercial vehicles, 40 percent in buses, and 80 percent in two- and three-wheelers. However, State Transport Undertakings (STUs) does not have an ideal financial health. Fortunately, there was, a boost in the initiative, thanks to the supply of 3,600 electric buses in a recent tender.

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The National Electric Bus programme is already planning to deploy around 50,000 electric buses to get started on this green initiative, in collaboration with STUs. They met an agreement with electric bus manufacturing company subsidiaries funding the operations of this project. It would be less of a problem since these electric buses cost 29 percent less than what it would cost to operate a diesel bus.

These buses were first introduced in Mumbai through the launch of electric double-decker buses on 17 August 2022. Automobile magazine HT Auto said that these double-decker buses run through the normal suburban routes of buses, getting people used to seeing and using them rather than the usual diesel ones. The buses will come with two staircases to access the upper decks, and the vehicles will be able to hold 65 to 100 passengers depending on if standing passengers will be allowed.

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