Health, budget, and meaningful experiences are on the rise as 2023 travel trends

The focus of travellers has shifted given this new era of travelling

Luxury travel is expected to continue, and travellers are willing to splurge on bespoke experiences. muratart/Shutterstock

People have been turning to travel more once again in the past year. has revealed the travel trends of 2023, based on extensive research. Despite global economic and political uncertainty, 73 percent of people are more optimistic about travel than in 2022, and 72 percent said travelling is still worth it.

In 2023, travellers want to take vacations that focus on their mental and physical health, including retreats for pregnancy, menopause, and erotic escapes. There is also a desire to experience psychedelic escapes, use virtual reality to inspire travel choices, take travel off-grid, learn survival skills, experience culture shocks, and explore lesser-known cities. Additionally, travellers are becoming more budget-conscious, paying attention to how much they’re spending.

Forbes discussed that travel is still a priority for many people despite inflation. Luxury travel is expected to continue, and travellers are willing to splurge on bespoke experiences. With the US dollar remaining strong, currency arbitrage is also putting new destinations on the map.

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Domestic travel in the US will continue, with warm-climate destinations being the most searched for. Travellers are planning ahead again and booking trips further in advance. Remote workers are also taking “hush” trips, where they travel for a short period while working remotely without informing their employer.

Travellers are seeking more meaningful and longer sojourns, according to the “2022 Global Travel Trends” study expounded on by the South China Morning Post. Many are opting for slower-paced and immersive experiences, such as train travel in Europe or exploring the Arctic Circle for adventure and tranquillity.

Additionally, travellers are increasingly eco-conscious and are seeking opportunities to get involved in conservation and plantation projects. Luxury travel companies are also offering more extended and educational trips, with a focus on deep connection and appreciation for local cultures and environments. Ultimately, travellers want to make purposeful travel decisions that benefit both themselves and local communities.

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