Living in the internet of things

The technological advancement provides a way to make real estate more convenient 

The Internet of Things makes the potential for it within real estate a lot broader. Deemerwhastudio/Shutterstock

With the world developing into a more digitised place, it is no wonder that the internet is taking over multiple industries with its opportunities and capabilities. Telecommunications service TS2 Space discussed the technological trend of the Internet of Things (IoT)’s rapid growth and its potential within the real estate industry.

Now that the internet is being incorporated into everyday objects, it makes the potential for it within real estate a lot broader. It can be utilised for improving building management systems, automating operational tasks, and providing remote access to real estate listings. In terms of the house or dwelling itself, the internet can help with monitoring and controlling energy consumption, automating security systems, and providing analytics or details that can help owners and tenants make informed decisions while reducing costs with the help of smart technology.

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IoT serves as a strong technological development that has great potential to assist in and improve the real estate market in different ways, whether it be in the marketing and selling itself or in the actual state and assets of the dwelling.

There are multiple ways IoT can be utilised specifically in homes, as reported by technological innovation newsletter Imaginovation

  • It can improve the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system by making it more sensitive to the owner’s preferences and energy-saving. 
  • It makes house hunting less time consuming, expensive, and stressful by using Beacon technology alongside IoT. 
  • It can monitor the well-being of residents by reporting if there is anything that needs maintenance.
  • It is the basis of a smart home, which makes life more convenient for its users.
  • It collects data that can help with listing down possible assets and maintenance while predicting when it would be time to get the different assets repaired or tuned up.
  • It puts all of the information both a realtor and a buyer would need to see on the tips of their fingers and makes the general operations smoother.

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