News roundup: APAC properties at ‘high risk’ due to climate change, plus other headlines

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For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, property assets in the Asia Pacific region may be at “high risk” of damage from climate change. In other stories, formerly neglected urban spaces are now transformed into dynamic environments, and five reasons why working from home sucks.

Asia Pacific real estate assets at ‘high risk’ from climate change

Nearly one in ten properties owned by leading real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the Asia Pacific region may be at “high risk” of damage from climate change, particularly in coastal regions, a report published on 22nd May showed.

REITs, with an estimated global market capitalisation of about USD3 trillion, are considered safe havens for long-term investors but damage from climate risks, such as floods and forest fires, could hurt valuations and boost insurance premiums, climate risk consultancy XDI said.

“What we are seeing is that the physical risks to build assets increase over time under climate change and are particularly more pronounced in scenarios where global warming is allowed to accelerate,” said lead author Philip Tapsall in Bangkok Post.

Urban renewal from below: 10 public spaces that reclaim neglected city infrastructure

Urban infrastructure intended for city connectivity disrupts urban patterns and often leaves behind spaces without a properly defined use. Fortunately, the notion of space beneath infrastructure is being redefined, as architects generate public spaces nestled under flyovers, bridges, and other urban structures.

Formerly neglected spaces, overlooked or dismissed as mere leftovers of urban planning, are now transformed into dynamic environments for community engagement and artistic expression. Architects, city planners, and users themselves are embracing the challenge of reclaiming forgotten or underutilized areas and developing innovative solutions, integrating greenery, art installations, and sustainable elements into the urban fabric.

Check out 10 projects in ArchDaily highlighting the transformative power of reclaiming and revitalizing neglected corners of urban infrastructure.

5 reasons why working from home sucks

For those who’ve never done it, working from home is a dream; all sleep-ins, working in your PJs on the couch, and knocking off whenever you want.

But the reality is different, very different. spoke to four entrepreneurs who’ve done the working from home thing and found out what sucks about it.

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