News roundup: Indonesia’s Half Half House fuses old and new in urban living, and other stories

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For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, Indonesia’s Half Half House features a balancing act of preservation, transformation, and addition that fuses old and new forms. In other stories, Japan will start providing flood risk maps for Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia next fiscal year. And how does one deal with frauds by Indian property dealers?

Indonesia’s Half Half House: A fusion of old and new in urban living

Conceived by Dua Studio, the Half Half House featured in BluPrint is a renovation project that equally distributes old and new forms. It’s a balancing act of preservation, transformation, and addition that makes this home stand out amongst the urban fabric of Karawaci, Indonesia. The structure responds to its context by virtue of its scale and orientation as it bridges gaps between the past and the future.

As its name suggests, the Half Half House literally retains half of the original building, from floor to roof. This act of preservation demonstrates a deep respect for the site’s history and context, honoring memories held within its spaces. The newer half of the home presents an addition of areas and a repurposing of the former rooms. Because of this approach, the project crafts a unique architectural narrative in a manner that minimizes its environmental impact.

Japan to provide flood risk maps for four Southeast Asian countries

Japan plans to start providing flood risk maps for Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia next fiscal year to help the Southeast Asian countries reduce damage from flooding, according to VietnamPlus.

The maps will use satellite observation data to predict flooding caused by heavy rainfall.

The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism already published flood risk maps for various parts of Japan, showing the frequency and depth of inundation caused by flooding. Based on observation data collected on the ground, including by rainfall gauges, the maps show the risk of inundation from heavy rainfall likely to occur every 10, 30, 50, 100, and 150 or 200 years, with the information to be used to facilitate smooth evacuation and community planning.

When in India: How to deal with frauds by property dealer?

Buying a property is an important investment, and most people put their life savings in it. So, one should be cautious while making an investment in the real estate sector amid a lot of frauds being registered due to fake listings, fake documents, etc. Homebuyers, who become victims to such frauds by property dealers, face money loss and mental stress. Moreover, homebuyers who take a home loan from banks should pay EMIs, resulting in mental harassment and stress. How can one prevent such frauds and what should be done if a person becomes a victim to such frauds by property dealers? This guide gives you a detailed insight.

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