News roundup: Manila’s WORLDBEX 2024 a global showcase on construction and design, and other headlines

Image from Ed Simon/BluPrint

For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, WORLDBEX 2024 held in Manila was a global showcase of construction and design. In other headlines, a conversation with Alejandro Haiek, the founder of The Public Machinery, and new research reveals that Australians rank a good night’s sleep as one of the most important elements for an enjoyable experience at a hotel.

WORLDBEX 2024: A global showcase of construction and design

WORLDBEX 2024, held at the SMX Convention Center and the World Trade Center, was a resounding success, showcasing the latest trends and technologies in Philippine construction, architecture, and design. As reported in BluPrint, the event featured a wide range of exhibitors, from local and international to leading architecture and design firms.

This diverse range of suppliers solidified Worldbex’s position as the premier sourcing destination for the construction industry in the Philippines. This global marketplace offered convenience and fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange. Architects, designers, and contractors could explore innovative products and materials not readily available in the local market.

This international exposure can potentially elevate the quality and efficiency of construction projects in the Philippines. It paves the way for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and materials. This ultimately contributes to a more sustainable and advanced built environment.

A unique approach to creating public spaces: In conversation with Alejandro Haiek

Architecture practices usually start their design process with a client, who provides a program and a site. Alejandro Haiek, founder of The Public Machinery, approaches things differently.

The Public Machinery describes itself as a network of architects and designers working collectively, actively observing, imagining, and proposing public urban interventions themselves. Their proposals are at the intersection of art, architecture, and engineering and weave community engagement, ecology, and new technologies into innovative forms of social infrastructure.

Originally from Venezuela, Haiek currently teaches at Umeå School of Architecture in Sweden. Two of The Public Machinery’s recent projects showcasing his innovative design approach are the Winter Garden and Pallet Parliament, both exploring new types of social infrastructure in Sweden.

In a conversation with ArchDaily, Alejandro Haiek shares thoughts about The Public Machinery’s design process and the evolution of their work.

Australians rank sleep quality within top three requirements for an enjoyable hotel stay

New research from Hilton Australasia presented in The Hotel Conversation has revealed that Australians rank a good night’s sleep as one of the most important elements for an enjoyable experience at a hotel, putting sleep quality on top of the agenda when travelling.

Getting some decent shut-eye was ranked against traditional requirements for an enjoyable hotel stay like location, ambience, hotel service, and health and wellness facilities. Surprisingly, it was identified as one of the most crucial requirements for travellers.

These findings were commissioned following a recent global survey for Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report, which identified the continuing rise in sleep tourism and how sleep has been ranked a top priority for travellers in 2024.

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