News roundup: The Philippines’ Malipano Island gets a luxury upgrade, and other headlines


For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, Malipano Island, located in the province of Davao in the Philippines, undergoes upgrades to offer more luxurious experiences to its clientele. In other headlines, the provincial governor says air pollution in Thailand’s Chiang Mai has improved from last year and hopes for better air quality in the future despite the current poor readings. And find out about the four types of joint ownership or co-ownership of property in India.

Malipano Island in the Philippines undergoes upgrades to enhance guest experience

Malipano Island, located just a five-minute speedboat ride from Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao, is undergoing upgrades to offer luxury experiences to its clientele.

The seven-hectare private island houses seven luxurious villas and an exclusive three-storey villa. Facilities on the island include a three-hole golf course, a small chapel, and the Malipano clubhouse featuring a swimming pool, bar, and pavilion.

Interior designs are a collaboration between Mañosa Architect and Maricris Floirendo-Brias, head for hospitality, designer, and creative director of Tadeco Home and Tnalak Home, said Josu Mikel Villaverde, vice-president and general manager of Pearl Farm, in an interview with BusinessWorld.

With the existing seven three-bedroom villas, the management is adding six more villas, which could accommodate four persons each.

Chiang Mai upbeat about clean air despite poor readings

Air pollution in Chiang Mai has improved from last year and hopes are rising for good air quality in the future in the province and its main city, says provincial governor Nirat Wongsitthithavorn.

He made the comment during a discussion on pollution suppression and mitigation with representatives of 15 consulates and consulate-general offices in the province on Wednesday, 3rd April, according to Bangkok Post.

Mr Nirat said Chiang Mai authorities had prepared a pollution mitigation plan to help control the number of forest fires and agricultural burning.

Local authorities have also been working with residents to reduce the amount of burning, including finding causes and solutions for farm burning and providing jobs for those who earn their living by foraging for food like wild mushrooms in the forest. This has helped to improve the wildfire situation in the province, he said.

However, the pollution situation in the province was still listed as “dangerous” on 3rd April, with at least 400 hotspots being detected by satellite. reported that the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Chiang Mai was 157 as of 6pm on Wednesday, far above the safe threshold of 100 but down from 183 at 9am. The fine particle level was169 µg/m³, giving the province the worst air quality in the nation.

Types of joint ownership of property in India

In India, there are four major ways to own a property jointly. These include tenancy in common, joint tenancy, tenancy in entirety, and coparcenary.

Home buyers must familiarise themselves with the basic principles of co-ownership of property, before entering into such an agreement. discusses the different types of joint ownership or co-ownership of property.

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