News roundup: The Philippines pushes for bamboo to be used for construction, and other news


For PropertyGuru’s real estate news roundup, the Philippine bamboo industry is pushing for the adoption of bamboo for construction. In other stories, Thailand is paving the way for Asia to become the wellness hub of the world with the annual Thailand Wellness Asia Summit event 2024, while designers and architects create environments that elevate concerts and music rituals into transformative and grounding moments.

Mainstream adoption of bamboo in Philippine construction pushed

Stakeholders in the bamboo industry are pushing for the mainstream integration of bamboo in construction, recognizing its potential to produce sustainable housing and public facilities.

To advance this agenda, Bukidnon Rep. Jose Manuel F. Alba filed House Bill 9144, or An Act Integrating Bamboo as a Sustainable Material for the Built Environment. According to BusinessWorld, the bill encompasses the development of the Bamboo Architectural Code and Bamboo Structural Code.

During the “Beyond Bamboo: Bridging Green Construction in Codes and Standards” forum on 7th June, Mr. Alba emphasized the necessity of these codes, which will provide standards to ensure the architectural and structural integrity and safety of bamboo in construction. The bill also mandates the inclusion of bamboo in government infrastructure projects, with the expectation that private developers will follow suit.

Mr. Alba highlighted the establishment of a certification process, aiming to guarantee the quality of materials and foster consumer confidence in bamboo as a reliable and sustainable building material.

Inspiring success: Highlights from Bangkok’s Thailand Wellness Asia Summit 2024

Thailand, with its successful hosting of the third annual Thailand Wellness Asia Summit (TWAS) event in 2024, is paving the way for Asia to become the wellness hub of the world. The event kicked off with a grand opening ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok. Held from 11th June to 14th June, the event is one of Southeast Asia’s largest gatherings on wellness, witnessing participation from over 30 countries with over 1,000 attendees.

Bangkok Post reports that this year’s summit highlights the special collaboration between China and Thailand, with key figures such as Dr. Jia Xiao Fang, President of UNSDG World Federation, joining the event alongside prominent CEOs from Minor International Group, Bumrungrad International Hospital, BDMS Wellness Clinic & Wellness Resort, Bicaro Holding (M) Sdn Bhd, Thailand National Charter of Health, JSMDH Group, and many more.

Designing spaces for impactful musical experiences

Music consumption has historically been closely connected to the environments in which it is enjoyed. Before the advent of music recordings, listening to music was a social activity tied to collective rituals in physical spaces, such as concerts or smaller communal gatherings. With the development of music records and now with the current availability of virtually any kind of music at our fingertips, experiencing music has become a more solitary and routine endeavor. However, returning to the roots of communal musical experiences may unlock numerous benefits much needed in our isolating digital age. These collective musical events have the potential to significantly enhance a community’s social cohesion and improve their mental health through memorable shared experiences.

The physical aspect of these is not to be underestimated. It’s where innovative design and architecture step in, transforming mere spaces into catalysts for curiosity, transcendence, and collective joy. By harnessing emerging technology and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, designers and architects can create environments featured in ArchDaily that elevate concerts and music rituals into transformative and grounding moments.

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