News roundup: Top hospitality trends and innovations of 2023, and other headlines


For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, the top hospitality trends of 2023, with a focus on hospitality innovations. In other headlines, Dan Holden of HoldenCAPITAL talks about how Australian developers are adapting to the challenges of COVID-19, and Odisha, India imposes a ban on singe-use plastics in their sanctuaries, national parks, and tiger reserves starting April 1, 2024.

Hospitality innovations of 2023: A round-up of the year’s top hospitality trends

After a pandemic-induced lull, the global hospitality industry began to come back to life in 2022. This comeback ramped up in 2023, marked by a resurgence in tourism and a shift in guest preferences.

Hospitality businesses, having weathered the storm, have emerged with a redoubled focus on technology and improving the guest experience. Adopting new travel trends has pushed the hotel industry into an all-new market paradigm.

This Pressreader article delves into the major changes that affected the sector, exploring the hospitality trends, technological innovations and market shifts that defined the industry in 2023.

‘It’s important to be conscious of timelines’: How Australian developers are adapting to the pandemic and beyond

Dan Holden, founder of commercial brokerage firm HoldenCAPITAL, outlines in The Asian Developer where the challenges lie for Australia’s developers moving forward.

“Plan ahead,” Holden advises. “Even things as simple as ordering an evaluation seem to be taking a bit longer at the moment, so it’s important developers are conscious of timelines. Otherwise, you end up paying a higher cost to get something done quickly.”

Odisha imposes ban on single-use plastics in sanctuaries, national parks from April 1

Odisha has banned the usage of single-use plastics inside eco-tourism tourist destinations, sanctuaries and more.

In an official statement on Monday reported by The Times of India, Odisha’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden, Susanta Nanda, declared a complete ban, explicitly stating, “Entry of single-use plastic shall be prohibited inside sanctuaries/national park/tiger reserves of the state with effect from April 1, 2024.”

This proactive step aims to curtail the environmental impact of single-use plastic and protect the diverse flora and fauna residing within these vital ecosystems.

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